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Preventing Extinctions: A virtual island conservation exhibition

On February 17, join biologist Gregg Howald, Canada’s National Observer founder Linda Solomon and The Tyee’s David Beers, in a special virtual exhibition with conservation photographer Andrew S. Wright. This exhibit is a celebration of major conservation efforts by Island Conservation on five islands: Gwaii Haanas, Canada – Okinoshima, Japan – Kaho’o’lawe, Hawaii – Palmyra Atoll, Northern Line Islands, South Pacific – Isla Floreana and Seymour Norte, Galapagos.

While they cover only five percent of Earth’s land, islands are home to more than forty percent of the world’s endangered species as a result of major threats such as invasive alien species, habitat loss and climate change. Island Conservation is an organization working to protect biodiversity and prevent extinctions on islands by removing invasive species from fragile ecosystems. Working with local communities, governments, and conservation groups, they have successfully restored sixty-five islands worldwide, benefiting over 500 species.

Register here to take part in the event.

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