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Join us at the Gene Drive Webinar Series!

The Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research, in partnership with ISAAA’s SEAsia Center, will host a series of webinars on the topic of gene drive. The Gene Drive Webinar Series aims to help promote a productive and balanced conversation on the benefits and risks of possible gene drive applications, providing factual and accurate information that can help place the discussion under the Convention on Biological Diversity in context.

The first of four online events is called “What is gene drive?” and will take place on June 10th. Prof. Paul Thomas (University of Adelaide and SAHMRI) will be speaking about gene drive approaches, while Dr. Prasad Paradkar (CSIRO) will put gene drive in context, addressing history, precedents and experiences to drop upon. The session will be moderated by Ms. Krystal Birungi Mwesiga (Target Malaria, UVRI).

Registration is now open, click here!

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