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Join the first session of the 2022 Gene Drive Webinar series – “Gene Drive Organisms: There is no one size fits all”

As part of our efforts to contribute to an informed debate on gene drive, the Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research is partnering again with the ISAAA SEAsiaCenter to organise the 2022 Gene Drive Webinar Series.

This year, the events aim to explore gene drive in its many forms to show there is no “one size fits all” approach when evaluating policies’ implications or assessing gene drive risks. Panellists will also discuss gene drive regulation and oversight, as well as the appropriateness of current guidelines, best practices, and gaps.

Beginning May 19th at 2:00pm Singapore time, the series opens with the session “Gene Drive Organisms: There is no one size fits all”. Our panel speakers are Dr Alekos Simoni (Polo GGB / Target Malaria), who will explain the different types of gene drive mechanisms, and Dr Owain Edwards (CSIRO Land & Water), who will discuss policy and regulatory tools needed to manage gene drive research and potential use. Dr Guan-Hong Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) will moderate the discussion.

Each webinar will be recorded and published on the ISAAA SEAsiaCenter’s website. Click here to register for the first webinar.

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