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Join Ifakara MasterClass on malaria elimination with Prof. Brian Greenwood

The Ifakara Health Institute will host the master class “The Long Road to Malaria Elimination” with the legendary Prof. Sir Brian Greenwood on March 3. This 16th episode of Ifakara MasterClasses will address today’s big questions for malaria epidemiologists and entomologists and provide an analysis of the path towards malaria elimination. On the occasion, Prof. Greenwood will also cover selected breakthroughs in drugs, diagnostics, vaccines & vector control, as well as alternative futures of malaria prevention & control in Africa.

Sir Brian M. Greenwood is professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He has spent 50 years carrying out research in Africa. His work has led the way in seeking holistic solutions based on cutting-edge science as well as a genuine understanding of the complex eco-system and real-life challenges unique to the continent. He conducted some of the first trials of artemisinin-based combination therapies, now widely adopted as first-line treatment for malaria, and made significant contributions to malaria vaccine trials.

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