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Innovation is critical to address pest control and other conservation challenges, says The Entomological Society of America

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) recently reiterated the importance of continued innovation on gene drive technology, given its potential transformative impacts on global food security, conservation biology and human, animal and plant health.

According to the organization, future research should focus on understanding the impacts gene drive can have in realms such as ecology and genomics, to determine which insect species could be susceptible to the new tool.

The assessment of gene drive risks and benefits is another vital area of research. The organization also stressed the importance of community engagement and addressing stakeholder concerns for the future of work on gene drive.

ESA is the largest organization worldwide serving the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and people in related disciplines. ESA today has over 7,000 members affiliated with educational institutions, health agencies, private industry, and government.

The organization’s full position statement on gene drive technology is available here.

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